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What We Do

KPRT offers 7 different services. Investigations & Research, Pranic Therapy Sessions, Speaking / Lectures, Forensics, Ufology, Psychic Training, and House Blessing / Cleansings. Please note that all services provided by KPRT are free. Donations are accepted. KPRT has extensive outside resources to help fulfill a client's needs as well. Anyone offering their services to KPRT are required to offer them free of charge to our client's. Each different service we provide is a different department of KPRT. KPRT currently has 5 different departments.

  • Investigations & Research
  • Pranic Therapy
  • Lectures
  • Forensics
  • Ufology
  • Psychic Training
  • Property Blessing / Cleansing
Investigations & Research

Investigations & Research (Investigative & Research Department)

Email or Call Us - The first step in the investigation process is to either call or email us. The number provided is our office phone number. We won't always answer when you call us at that number, but just leave a message and we'll call you back. That number is (414) 949-KPRT/5778. You can also email us at kaukaunaparanormal@gmail.com. When we talk on the phone, or respond to your email, we will get the basics of what is going on, things experienced, and then we will set up a time to come to your location for an intitial walkthrough. Click here to fill out the online pre-investigation questionnaire.

Walkthrough - During the walkthrough we will come to your location to meet you and talk to you further. During the walkthrough we will take a tour of the location and get a basis of where all the hotspots are. We will also get a base reading on the EMF meter, and take photos to get a basic idea of the house. Usually we will conduct at least one EVP session just to see if we can get a basic interaction. After this we will sit down with the client to to go through a "Pre-Investigation Questionnaire." This is a 10 page questionnaire of questions that we ask the client to better help us with the investigation process. After the questionnaire is all taken care of. We will ask if the client wants an investigation done. We then ask if there are any possible dates that the client is available for an investigation. Once they figure out a date that they are available, we put a team together to be available for that investigation.

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Research - Over the period of time between the walkthrough and the investigation, we conduct our research. We try to research and find out anything we possibly can to help us out with the investigation process and anything that can help us figure out what's going on at the location.

The Investigation - For the investigation, the team meets up at a designated location for a briefing on the investigation. We explain to all members what is going on at the home, as well as say a quick prayer for protection. The team then arrives at the location of the investigation at 9 PM. When we arrive, we begin loading equipment onto the property. After all of the equipment is loaded onto the property, we begin setting everything up. We have members go place cameras in the designated locations, while other members stay back at Command Central to hook up equipment and to get things plugged in properly. After everythiing is all set up, everyone meets back at Command Central. We then shut all the lights offs. We usually set up Command Central at a location where there is no activity, being that we usually keep the lights on at Command Central. After the lights are shut off, we have 2-3 people go off and investigate together while we have 1-2 people back at Command Central to monitor the DVR system. We investigate in 1 hour sessions, with 10 minute breaks in between. After we have decided that we have investigated all that we can, which is usually around 4 AM, we pack up our equipment, thank the client for having us, and leave the location.

Reviewing and Research - Over the next couple weeks we go over everything that we caught on the DVR and all of pieces of equipment. If we find anything alarming, we discuss the piece of evidience as a team. After the team decides what is evidence and what isn't, we put everything that we got together into one report. During this time we also finish up any research that we have yet to do.

The Reveal - When we are ready to meet with the client about our findings, the client will receive either a call or email from us to set up a date to come back for the reveal. During the reveal we talk about the investigation. We go through everything that we did, as well as share our personal experiences with you (if any). We also go through all of the evidence that we got while investigating (again, if any). We then present you with a full report on paper of everything that we did. This report also includes an organized page of all of the history of the location.

Follow Up - At the end of all reveals we do a follow up. This is where we talk to you about what we feel is the best course of action to take upon a solution to the problem. Remember that we are with you from the very beginning until you feel at peace in your home. Don't feel that when the investigation process is over that we suddenly leave and make you deal with the problem, because that is not the case. Like we said.....we are here for you from the beginning until you feel you no longer need us. Even if you feel that you need us again after that, we are only an email or a phone call away.

Client Rules - Please note that we do have rules that our client's must follow as well. In order for us to do our job to the best of our ability, it is imperative that you follow these. The rules are as follows: 1. A client may not smoke inside during an investigation due to the possibility of video contamination. 2. We are not your entertainment for the night. This being said, KPRT will refuse to investigate if we show up and you have a bunch of friends over for the investigation. Anyone who actually lives at the property can be there. Anyone who doesn't is not allowed. You may have one person who is a non-resident of the property if it would make you feel more comfortable.

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