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Speaking / Lectures

Kaukauna Paranormal Research Team offers 2 different and unique paranormal education presentations for those who would like to learn more about the paranormal. During each presentation, we have one drawing. A pranic therapy session, to be done right then and there. We draw two names.

Presentations We Offer

  1. Paranormal Presentation - This presentation focuses on learning about the paranormal and Kaukauna Paranormal Research Team.
  2. Case Files - The presentation mainly focuses on talking about some of the major cases that KPRT has had and some of our most impressive evidence. We spend only a few minutes teaching about the paranormal and talking about the team.

Both Presentations last approximately an hour and half to two hours, followed by 10 minutes of meeting people and answering questions and include the drawing for a pranic therapy session.

Please note that a time frame of at least 2 hours is required for KPRT to do a speaking event. Any less than this and the presentation gets sloppy and rushed.

Rules for both drawings are as follows
  • You must be present to win.
  • Each session may last no more than 10 mins. If you would like a session longer than this, you may set up a session with us for another time.
  • Each session must be done right then and there. If a person is unable to stay for their session, that person forfeits their win, and a new name is picked.

The key goal to our presentations, meet and greets, and live demonstrations are to help others better understand the paranormal and what we as a team do.

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