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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why should I choose your team to investigate my location?
A. We have over 15 years of combined experience, and we're in the field for the right reason. If you want us to investigate your location, just contact us and we'll prove to you that we approach everything in a professional manner.

Q. If I need your team to come in right away to investigate, or in other words, perform an emergency investigation, are you available on such short notice?.
A. Sometimes we're available on short notice, depending on our schedules. If you contact us requesting an emergency investigation, we'll do our best in trying to get you help. If we cannot be there on such short notice, we'll try and find a team from our list of resources that can assist you.

Q. Let's say that I want whatever is in my house to leave. Could you make it leave?
A. Possibly, but the answer is, no one can guarantee to make it leave. The job of KPRT is to go into the location to figure out what is going on, to try and dismiss claims with logical explanations, or to try and prove the existence of paranormal activity if we cannot find logical explanations for something. If a team actually tells you that they can guarantee to rid your home of a spirit....please don't believe that. KPRT has assisted with exorcisms before and does have connections and resources to individuals who can assist in trying to rid a home of a spirit, but there is no guarantee that the spirit will actually go. Usually we consult a clairvoyant or clairaudient psychic individual to help a spirit move on, but if the case is severe enough, our reverend will be contacted to perform a blessing, cleansing, or exorcism.

Q. Some of you look young in your photos on the "Meet The Team" page. Are you all really old enough to do this?
A. Yes, we've been doing this for 6+ years now, and have investigated over 100+ cases all over Wisconsin, including but not limited to residential, commercial, and historic buildings. Our youngest team member is 20 years old and our oldest team member is 44 years old. We don't allow anyone under the age of 18 onto the team. We have also been accredited and acknowledged by other teams and individuals in this field for showing a true passion for this field and being in it for the right reasons.

Q. Are you going to come into my house with a bunch of fancy cameras and a film crew?
A. The only cameras that you will see when we investigate is our own DVR system and handheld cameras to capture video evidence. There is ABSOLUTELY NO FILM CREWthat follows us around or comes with us on investigations. You'll notice that what you see on tv is different from the reality of paranormal investigating.

Q. How many people will be coming onto my property to investigate?
A. Usually the amount of people that we bring on an investigation will be determined by how large the location is. This is something that we will decide after doing the initial walkthrough.

Q. Can anyone come along with you on an investigation?
A. No. Only team members are allowed on investigations. If we feel it is necessary, we may pull in a member from another trusted team or another trusted individual in the paranormal field. Don't worry, this isn't just anyone. We have resources and a list of some people that we can call if necessary.

Q. How much do you charge for an investigation?
A. This is probably the question that we get asked the most out of all of these questions. The answer is nothing. All of our services are completely free of charge. If you "hire" a paranormal team that charges, cancel all services by that team immediately....seriously. There are plenty of paranormal teams, including us, who will offer you their services absolutely free.

Q. I'm a bit worried about someone finding out about my investigation and then drawing a crowd of people around my property.
A. Don't worry, each of our members are bound by a confidentiality agreement, which means that they are prohibited from talking specific details about the case with anyone besides team members. We do not annouce any location specific details about any investigation. Before we go on a walkthrough or investigation, we will simply post on our Facebook fan page "Walk through of a private residence/business today." or "Investigation tonight at a private residence/business." Simply that. We just let our fans know that we have a walkthrough or investigation just to keep them updated on what we're up to, but we don't post anything more, not even the city or state. After the investigation, and after we have gathered all of the collected evidence (not guaranteed to find evidence) and after the reveal, you are presented with a "Client Confidentiality Form." This form allows you to tell us if we are allowed to post our findings on our site. Don't worry. You can choose to make your investigation completely confidential in which case we will post nothing on our site.

Q. Am I allowed to be there? What about my children? How about pets?
A. Of course you can be there! After all, it is your property. We can't make you leave, haha. We just ask that you sit with one of our members at command central while we do the investigating. It is recommended that children are sent to a family members house for the night, however, if a child is the target of the activity, that opinion may change. It is preferred that any pets be kept in another building such as a garage or shed for the investigation. Noises from animals can be extremely disruptive to an investigation and can contaminate audio.

Q. Can I participate in the investigation?
A. Only if you are the client, but you would need to be brielfy talked to by one of our members about how to investigate.

Q. Can I invite some friends over to see first hand what you do?
A. It is preferred that it be just the clients, but if you must, you may invite only 1 friend. Remember that we are doing this to help you, the client. We don't do this to put on a show for you or your friends. The more non-team members that there are, the more difficult it is to investigate. If any friends are interested, just let them know of any events we are hosting or will be at in the future.

Q. What if I don't want you to share any of your findings at my location with the public?
A. Then we won't. At the end of every case the client is presented with a confidentiality agreement. This allows you to decide what we are allowed to post on our website. Everything you see posted on our website from past investigations we have posted because we have signed permission from each client to do so. Each member of our team signs paperwork before joining the team, one of which is a strict confidentiality clause. Each member of the team is bound by a confidentiality agreement.

Q. Would team members like to be guests on my radio show?
A. Sure. Just send us an email to book us.

Q. It looks like a few members of the team has some sort of psychic ability. Does this mean that your evidence is also based on what you feel?
A. No, some of our members do have some sort of ability, however, each member is bound by a policy that forbids them from sharing what they feel in front of the client unless approved by the team founder. The only evidence that we will accept is things caught on our equipment, and things that are discovered during research.

Q. I want a psychic reading or a healing session. Do you offer this as a service?
A. We no longer offer psychic readings as a service, but do still offer healing sessions. If you would like a healing session, please call or email us. Please see the Healing Sessions page for more info on this service. We always do a drawing for two healing sessions as part of our presentation when we speak at events. If you want one, come to one of these events. Each session may last no more than 10 minutes and you must be present to win as healing sessions are done right then and there. You can see where we will be on our home page under "Upcoming Events." We RARELY allow "walk in" healing sessions at events due to the high demand.

Q. With as many case requests as you receive, why are there less investigations listed on the investigations page?
A. Well, that would be for a number of reasons. Some of our clients request complete confidentiality. This means that we will not even mention their case here on our website. Other times we are able to solve the case during a walk though. Remember that 80% of all claims can be explained away logically.

Q. What if no evidence shows up on my investigation?
A. When a client contacts us, it means they are looking for answers. We do have several cases where we go in and don't find anything. It does upset us when we cannot find proof that the client is experiencing this, but we do the best we can to give the client some advice.

Q. I'm thinking about donating some money to KPRT. Where does my donation go?

A. At the bottom of this page you will find a button to donate to KPRT. Although our services are completely free, we do accept donations. 100% of all donations go right back into the team. Donations help pay for expenses such as:

  • equipment and supplies
  • travel
  • lodging
  • gas
  • website hosting and other technical services
  • food and water costs while on the road
  • a yearly celebration/party event for all member's of KPRT to thank them for all they do for the team.

It costs several hundred dollars a year for Kaukauna Paranormal Research Team to operate, and many of those expenses come voluntarily from our member's pockets. Not a single member of KPRT receives any sort of compensation for their time. All positions with KPRT are strictly voluntary. PayPal handles all KPRT donations.

Please note: We never expect any donations from any of our clients. We will never bring up the fact that we accept donations to any clients unless they ask about it or bring it up themselves. Because KPRT does not "pay to investigate", your donation will never be used to pay a client to investigate their location.

Q. You state several time on here that you don't "pay to investigate". What does this mean?

A. When we say we don't "pay to investigate", this means that we don't pay a client for permission to investigate their property. There are several "famously haunted" locations throughout the United States that charge paranormal teams to come in and investigate. We don't do those types of investigations that require a fee. We believe our budget needs to be spent on the #1 reason KPRT was created in the first place, and that is to help the people that contact us for help.

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