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The Beginning

Kaukauna Paranormal Research Team, Inc. was founded and established in September of 2009 by Josh Vande Wettering. The team was founded for three main reasons.

  1. Helping those affected by what could be paranormal activity
  2. Documenting paranormal activity
  3. Educating the public more on the paranormal field

Our Philosophy

We take a scientific, and slightly metaphysical approach to all investigations. Any evidence that we gather must be based on facts and not opinions. We do use the psychic abilities of team members to help us figure out what's going on at a property if we cannot debunk something, however, anything that they feel must be backed up by solid evidence/research, or it will not be presented to the client . We will always begin investigations as skeptics to attempt to debunk the claims of activity. If unsuccessful, then and only then will we declare the property to have possible paranormal activity. We strive to do our utmost best to help further the paranormal field by being the utmost professional that we can possibly be, and by being a trusted and respectable team. We use the standard equipment that most paranormal investigators use to acquire both visual and audible evidence. We do not and will never use any type of spritual tool to investigate, with the exception of psychic abilities. Our investigations are entirely based on facts. We will not accept evidence that could be debunked. If we cannot debunk a piece of evidence, then and only then will we declare it to possibly be paranormal. We will never tell a client that their location is haunted without appropriate evidence to support it. We do not charge for investigations.

Our History

Our team was founded by Josh Vande Wettering originally under the name "The Paranormal Hour." The team was founded when Josh was 17 years old. Starting out was very difficult, so we investigated locally haunted legends to train ourselves better and to get our name out there. We began getting a few membership requests from some friends who wanted to join.  Word of mouth spread, and we began to get a few likes on our Facebook page. When we began to gain members and followers, we stopped investigating locally haunted legends, and decided to stick with doing what our team was founded for in the first place in an effort to gain a positive and professional reputation. The problem was, we were gaining followers, but weren't getting any investigation requests. We knew that it was the whole age thing, and the team began to brainstorm ideas. Soon after, we began to receive some requests to join the team by some older people. In the beginning of 2012, we began to rise a bit more than we already had. In April of 2012, the team suffered a major downfall and lost a lot of members. The team quickly recovered and in June of 2012, Josh realized that the name "The Paranormal Hour" sounded kind of like a radio show and might be giving people the wrong idea when they heard our name or visited our website. Josh decided to change the name of the team to "Kaukauna Paranormal Research Team".  In June of 2014, Kaukauna Paranormal Research Team was registered as a non-profit organization under Wisconsin Law.

This logo served as Kaukauna Paranormal Research Team's logo from 2012-2015

Our Service Area

Kaukauna Paranormal Research Team serves the entire state of Wisconsin as well as northeast Illinois, and the southern tip of the U.P. Unfortunately KPRT is currently not able to serve the Minneapolis or Chicago area.

Where We Are Today

Our team is like a family. We have done over 100+ cases to date. Have thrown numerous public events. On average, KPRT receives 4-5 case requests per month, and about 2-3 team member applications per month. That's 48-60 case requests a year, and 24-36 team member applications a year. 50% of those case requests only require a simple phone call. 75% of team members applications are approved, 40% of applicants are promoted to full investigator status.

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